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Planning of the plants is always carried out in close cooperation with the customer and technologists to optimally satisfy the specific requirements.

The specified requirements (for example temperature, pressure or flow rate of the media to be generated and transported to the consumer), are achieved through exact plant design and accurate calculation of the control circuits (speed control for pump motors, pressure controls, flow rate controls, temperature controls).

In accordance with the requirements the controls are realised by means of industrial controllers or as PLC system. Visualization systems are usually planned. Interfaces to communicate with primary control systems are planned as standard. Switching cabinets for the plant control are obviously matched exactly to the requirements, dosing systems and analytical equipment for monitoring the water quality are planned to suit the requirements.

Energy savings potentials are consistently utilised to achieve optimum energy efficiency of the plants both during the planning of new plants and during the modernisation or expansion of existing plants.

Installation drawings are drawn up using the computer programs Autocad or Cadworx Pipe as 2d or 3d drawings. Pipe stress calculations are carried out using the computer program Caesar.

Exact operating instructions and clear service instructions as well as accurate wear part and replacement parts lists are standard with Scheiter Ges.mbH Wärmetechnische Anlagen and an essential part of the plant documentation to guarantee troublefree operation of the plants and service operations free of problems.

Boiler houses and steam supply networks as well as condensate collection systems with secondary steam generation from condensate for instance with heat recovery from condensate.

Hot water direct exchanger and heat recovery storage units for hot water temperatures of 103 °C to 250 °C based on the hot water direct exchanger.

Heating plants for vulcanising presses for car tyre production and generating, supply, return and controlling of all necessary media for tyre presses (hot water, steam, condensate, inert gas, cooling water, hydraulic water, vacuum, gravity drain, compressed-air).

Heating and cooling plants for the conveyor belt production and for calander and rolling mills in the rubber processing industry.

Heat recovery plants for the tyre industry with considerable savings potential for hot water generation. The heat recovery plants developed by us can be implemented in existing hot water systems with relative ease.

Hot water systems for heating presses in the wood-processing industry (main and counter heaters).

Combustion plants for biomass (wood waste, bark, grinding dust) with connected steam generators or thermal oil heaters.

Thermal oil heaters for temperatures up to 360 °C for the wood-processing industry for heating chipboard presses, finishing presses and for heating auxiliary equipment.

Exchanger stations for industrial purposes and for district heating plants. (thermal oil / hot water; thermal oil / steam; steam / hot water; hot water / hot water).

District heat supply plants for the communal sector with various types of heat generation (for instance biomass-combustion or waste heat utilisation of industrial plants).

Combined power and heat systems for the optimum utilisation of primary energy during the generation of heat and electric power.

Control systems for the abovementioned media supply installations.



Plants are erected by our personnel or personnel provided by the customer.

Special attention is attached to the quality of the installation work (welding operations, pipe preloading for hot water lines, steam lines, coupling alignments for pumps and drive units, cabling in accordance with regulations) to ensure proper operation of the plants.

To avoid possible problems with operating the plants through less suitable components, all plant components (especially switching cabinets, pumps, control elements) are supplied by Scheiter Ges.mbH.

Qualified supervision during the erection of the plants is guaranteed through Scheiter Ges.mbH Wärmetechnische Anlagen.

Final inspection of the installed plants is conducted by our suitably trained personnel.

All plants planned and erected by Scheiter Ges.mbH are commissioned by us and subjected to the required tests to guarantee trouble-free operation. Fine-tuning of all control circuits is performed as part of the test run.

Special attention is attached to the thorough training of operating personnel and maintenance personnel. This is extremely important for troublefree plant operation.

Regular inspections of the plants are customarily performed by our specialist personnel to guarantee proper long-term operation corresponding to specifications.