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Many years of experiences in the area of industrial heat engineering plants, continuous development work and conducting of trial runs to confirm the advantages of our developments are the basis for working out specific solutions for a wide variety of tasks for industrial heat engineering plants.

With a view to continuously rising energy costs, we draw up concepts for maximum possible energy efficiency of new plants and adaptation of existing plants in accordance with the state of the art to achieve optimum energy utilisation and consequently maximum energy savings, thereby reducing costs.

Concepts are drawn up in close coordination with the customer and technologists to achieve optimum solutions.

Since fossil fuels in form of fuel oil and natural gas are often used as primary source of energy for industrial heating purposes for example in the rubber-processing industry or in the wood-processing industry, the search for energy savings potentials must be assigned maximum priority and attention from the generation to the end users.

The realisation of optimum newly constructed energy-saving plants and plants for the saving of energy and subsequent equipment of existing plants for improved energy utilisation in the industrial sector has meanwhile become the primary interest for investors and operating companies.

For decades, Scheiter has pursued the objective to offer and implement services such as development, planning, material supply, installation, construction supervision as well as commissioning, personnel training and plant service throughout the world for the specific operating conditions for heating as well as refrigeration plant in the industrial and communal sectors, taking into account optimum energy efficiency.